Bitter Wind: A Greek Tragedy

This project is another addition to Fabula(b), and this one utilizes the Microsoft Hololens!

Like with all of my projects I really strive for the experience. And this platform really puts that at the forefront. The player experience becomes so much more intimate and personal than even VR experiences. So this has become the focus to achieve our goal; making this incredible intimate, personal, emotional experience (with layers and layers of subtext to the story).

While we worked through the design phase of this project we had to keep in mind our restrictions and limitations but also how we can expand on our possibilities with this new technology. We needed to consider the environment they would be setup in, and their ability to access the physical components.

We wanted to leave our players with a profound experience they can only get in our game! Developing the story we were able to build up emotion and drama slowly using the intimacy of the platform. Then at first and for the climax hit the player hard and capitalize on those feelings.

As we developed the prototype we were lucky to get some mentor-ship about the spatial capabilities and technology with some wonderful folks at Microsoft. With them, the project lead and producer Elizabeth Hunter was featured in a short video!

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