A Moment Free From Darkness

For this independent project we made a serious game about the experience of a young girl in Cambodia who was sold into sex slavery. The game takes place as 4 different acts on 4 different platforms. Act 1 is played on mobile, Act 2 on Desktop, Act 3 with the Oculus Rift, and Act 4 on Apple Watch. We use each device to portray a part of her day and express certain emotions we want the player to feel.

I personally worked on the VR aspect of the project, as a programmer and designer. Throughout the project we tweaked endlessly and iterated to make sure we gave off the correct feel and emotion. It was essential we got that correct as it is the heaviest Act of the game. We had to take our time and look at every detail because if anything was out of place the act would feel wrong and ruin the experience.

You can find out more about the project and each Act here: amomentfreefromdarkness.com

With this project we showcased at Indie Prize Casual Connect, CICA museum Digital Culture exhibit, and Bit Bash 2016!