Frat Wars!


Video to be posted shortly

Here we have a game that I worked on for 10 weeks, and we actually created a working, polished (vertical slice) game. The player is new Frat on campus and when rush week ended we have to see which frat is really top dog! Send the pledges and and the more powerful Bros over to the enemy frat and wreck their house meanwhile you defend yours with a massive slingshot and whatever happens to be laying around!

This game was a wild ride. I worked as a gameplay programmer, making a lot of the fundamental mechanics of the game. It took us all 10 weeks to finish this game and make it feel polished, right up to the last hour. For the project we more or less lost a team member and a lot of work had to be picked up. For the most part I helped pick up a lot of the slack whether it was in the form of applying and setting up animations, to tweaking and implementing sounds! When I reflect on this project, I am proud. Because not all teams are perfect, and when things go wrong I can confidently say I have experience in not giving up and getting done what needs to be done. Even with all the hurdles we faced we were able to submit a complete game!


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