This was an interesting project as it was one of my first large projects! I was the main programmer for this project and I touched the code in just about everything in this game, but my main focus was enemy AI, collecting diamonds, collisions, and later level progression, HUD management, and level design.

Enemy AI was tough to learn as it was my first game project using C#, and there is some different syntax to access certain things. Once I had that under my belt I applied them to the awesome models that i placed around the levels, and if you got too close the enemies would start to chase you! The hardest part was getting the enemies to collect diamonds as well making it harder for the player to win! Pretty much everything went smoothly after that, but I crunched until the moment I turned it in tweaking and adjusting finding and fixing small bugs. An example here was about an hour before it was due we realized you could walk to the end of the map, so we quickly put in boundaries which worked and looked good with a warning flashing on screen.

Looking back, I think I would have liked to simply polish what we had a lot more. What we had was great but I would have liked to see more enemies maybe different areas that gave you different things etc.

If I took this project back up I think I would look into creating more levels. More levels with different goals, would really make this game stand out from all the other projects.

Video Coming soon!

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