About Me

Hey Guys! My name is Nick Segreti and I am a game play programmer! I graduated from DePaul University class of 2016. I’ve been programming for about 6 years in a few different programming and scripting languages! Including C++, C#, C, Python, and even Matlab! I’ve also been working with the game engine Unity for the past 4 years, and with Unreal Engine 4 for about a year as well!


(That’s me)

A little bit more about me! I grew up in a small town called Geneva, Illinois. Growing up I had a lot of exposure to video games both in playing my Super Nintendo for hours after school or watching my brothers play PlayStation games! And since I was young I always wanted to have my hand in creating what I love so much. It is something that has really impacted my life in a profound way and I want to create that impact for others. Then in high school I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move in that direction with career center classes in PC maintenance and a game programming class. I fell in love with programming and have since been constantly looking to better myself in this field so that I can, one day, develop a video game that everyone wants to play.

Today, I’m working on a few Independent projects, and focusing on VR applications and games to keep learning and experiencing as much about VR as I can. Always striving to make my games feel good to play!

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