Bit Bash 2016

Other cool news! A Moment Free From Darkness also got into Bit Bash in Chicago! Not only was it cool to be there and help set everything up, some friends of mine were also showing games there! I got to meet a lot of cool people that loved to show their support to the game and I couldn’t be happier to be among friends and showing off a project I really worked hard on. Thanks to all those that talked with us and played the game, it really means a lot to everyone on our team!



Indie Prize: Casual Connect

Now that I’m back in Chicago I figured I would write up a couple of quick posts! When we finished A Moment Free From Darkness back in early June we submitted the game to many places and some awesome people at Indie Prize allowed us to show our game in the showcase! And that was it, 5 of us were off to San Francisco to showcase the game with about 100 other games! Even though we didn’t get any awards it was an amazing experience to be among other Indie developers!